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CAPitalising Excellence in Climate Action

CAP 2.0° is a recognition and capability enhancement programme for businesses to become climate resilient. Based on a CII climate-maturity model and using the principles of business excellence framework, CAP 2.0° helps businesses to contract climate risks and exploit market opportunities.

Moving Indian industry into climate action, CAP 2.0° is a benchmark programme recognizing industry climate mitigation and adaptation initiatives with the purpose of cascading learnings and encouraging quick scale up, thereby contributing to India's climate goals. Stressing on the importance of building climate resilient strategy and incorporating climate change risk analysis by decision makers, CAP 2.0° will persuade Indian industry to take a holistic approach to climate change.

CAP 2.0° is instituted with the vision to enable Indian industry to become more competent and competitive in tackling the challenges that we face with climate change. It will recognize scientifically designed and implemented measures to deal with climate change impacts. Sections below describe details of its recognition, applicability, assessment methodology, eligibility and categories.

For free Self-Assessment and Expression of Interest Form, reach us on +91 11 41502301 Ext: 2305 or

Uniqueness of the Awards

A national programme to recognize climate action by industries using a three dimensional assessment methodology that aims to raise the bar on climate action. A team of qualified CII certified assessors will assess applications over a period of five months and provide unbiased analysis. Some of its distinguishing characteristics include:

Overseen by an independent non-industry based Jury

700 man-hours spent by certified CAP Assessors per application.

Feedback report provided at the end of the complete cycle based on the framework

GAP analysis provided to companies taking part in self-assessment

Based on a CII Climate-Maturity model and using the principles of business excellence framework

Eligibility Criteria

Companies applying for CAP 2.0° must mandatorily complete the free Self-Assessment module to be eligible for the next stage of application. The Self-Assessment module will provide basic questions that would ascertain whether or not; a company can achieve entry level applicability.

Operating in India, for at least five years.

Large, medium & small companies

Manufacturing, energy, mining infrastructure & service sector

Benefits For Applicants

Improved branding by being recognized for climate action, following a rigorous process
Specific inputs to improve quality of action and scale up efforts
Feedback report to be provided at the end of the application process
Build capabilities on various tools, processes and KPIs to climate proof business

CAP Assessor Training

With the intent of building capacity in the subject area of climate change and in order to create a resource of professionals for assessment for CAP 2.0° , CII will undertake a certified training for select professionals on the assessment methodology; basis which the CAP 2.0° questionnaire has been designed. Certification is valid for a period of three years. The CAP Assessor Training will include a compulsory site visit to any location in India to complete the curriculum and be certified. Site visit will demonstrate first hand actions on climate change and add to the experience of each professional. Post certification, each assessor's profile will be displayed on CESD's website for a period of three years; or until further renewal of certification


Be among the best in assessing innovative techniques and solutions to deal with climate change

Enhance capacities and capabilities on climate action, adaptation and mitigation

Gain practical experience and assess a company on climate action

Receive a CII certificate which is valid for three years

Publicity on CESD's website

Eligibility Criteria

Applications are open to industry professionals only

Professionals with 9 years' experience in the field of climate change adaptation and mitigation projects

Educational background of environment, engineering, science or others related fields

Preference will be given to professionals with experience in energy, environment and climate change

Assessor Recognition

Three best assessors' will be recognized; basis their participation in the assessment process. Recognition is based on peer review and applicant feedback. Winners will be recognised at the Climate Leadership Conference

  • CAP 2.0 ° Assessor Training
    8 - 10 October

    Participants will need to attend the training on 8, 9, 10 October in Delhi where they will get familiar with the questionnaire and specific topics

  • Desk Assessment
    10 November - 10 December

    A group of assessors including team lead will be assigned for assessing applications and submitting to the Secretariat

  • Site Visit
    7 Jan - 28 Feb

    After detailed desk assessment, a team of assessors will visit the applicant site for two days to have firsthand understanding of activities and practices

Application Stages


Expression of Intent (EoI) and Self-Assessment
4 September to 5 October

Applicants will have the opportunity to undertake a self-assessment and fill out requisite climate change related information and submit back to CII along with their contact details expressing their intent to participate in the programme.


Gap Analysis, Payment and Moving to the next stage

Applicants that qualify for participation in CAP 2.0 ° will be notified with request for payment. Those that do not qualify will be given a concise analysis of activities.

Option1: For non CDP A-list companies: CAP 2.0° Detailed Questionnaire
Option2: For CDP A list Companies CAP 2.0° Incisive Questionnaire


Submission of Detailed Questionnaire
1 October to 5 November

Post receipt of payment, applicants will have time to fill out the detailed questionnaire and submit back to CII for desk assessment.


Site Visit
7 Jan to 28 Feb

After detailed desk assessment, qualifying applicants will be notified if the company will be visited by a team of CII qualified assessors for a period of two days in the months of Jan and Feb 2019.


CAP 2.0 ° Conference and Winner Ceremony - April

A conference bringing different stakeholders of climate change adaptation and mitigation will be brought together for half a day of relevant dialogue and sharing of experiences, followed by a ceremony to award winner companies for leading actions on climate change and for assessors' contribution to the process.


Turnover based - Application Fees

Less than 500 crores - Rs 15,000/-

500-1000 crores - Rs 25,000/-

1000-2500 crores - Rs 35,000/-

2500-5000 crores - Rs 50,000/-

5000-10000 crores - Rs 65,000/-

More than 10000 crores - Rs 80,000/-

Assessor Fee: Rs. 30,000/- per participant (exclusive of taxes)
30% discount is available to CESD-trained participants in 2017 & 18.

Uniquely Credible Awards


The trophy reflects the need for unity in this world. To sustain the environment, a broad-based alliance between industry and society is required globally. As a result, sustainable development has become a priority for businesses around the world. The figure cradling the globe reflects the need for unity and responsibility when pursuing economic growth, while the leaves surrounding it represent both sustainable growth and environment.

Metal has been chosen as the material for its properties of lustre, beauty, smooth finish and malleability, and because it is a recyclable material-thereby sustainable from a lifecycle perspective. After all, the world is an inheritance that we will leave for generations to come. It is a legacy that we have borrowed from them.

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