CII - Confederation of Indian Industry

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Business is no longer just about achieving economic success. The world today is grappling with problems like environmental degradation, climate change, global warming, loss of biodiversity, depleting resources, rampant poverty, inequality and social exclusion. The social and environmental consequences of business are under increasing scrutiny. Purely economic motivations are now considered unsustainable.

With this changing attitude towards business and greater expectations from it, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) set up the centre. CII, founded over 117 years ago is India’s premier business association and has played a proactive role in the country’s development process. A non-government and a not-for-profit organization, it is both managed and let by the industry. CII set up the Environmental Management Division in 1992, which was rechristened the centre in 2006.

As the country and the business community gears itself towards achieving sustainability, the Centre provides the fundamental principles and the direction in which to move. It enables the engagement of the government and business with the myriad sustainability issues that afflict the country. In doing so, it provides the key players in this sustainability movement with the right tools to build their business and frame their policies such that they attain the social and environmental objectives along with their economic ones. ‘Business-as-usual’ can no longer be the diktat. India will need to undergo fundamental changes in the coming years and the Centre will be the guiding force behind the transition to a sustainable economy.